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Network Maintenance Services

About our Network Maintenance Services

It is important to maintain your computer network regularly as there are many factors that can impact performance on a daily basis. As your networking and wireless devices allow employees to connect to the internet, connect to shared files, access company licensed software packages and more, maintaining connectivity is critical given the potential impact on your business operations.

However, there can be difficulties in maintaining your own network without years of expertise, particularly for larger businesses or organisations. Therefore it’s important to consider outsourcing your network maintenance to experts such as Interactive.

We have been supporting critical IT systems for thousands of businesses for over 30 years and can minimise your downtime with our industry-leading response times including answer the phone in our Australian call centre within 5 seconds, a certified engineer calling you back within 10 minutes, and we can be on site within 2 hours (with parts!).

Keep reading to learn more about our network maintenance services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Network Hardware Maintenance

Improve the success of your IT department with IT network maintenance that includes the best technical resources, call management systems and stocking of hardware parts.

By outsourcing your network and hardware maintenance to Interactive, we can:

  • Ensure your network is up and running again quickly if your hardware fails
  • Easily troubleshoot network problems,
  • Improve hardware and software installation and configuration,
  • Monitor and improve network performance

Intending to make your life easier so that your business can focus on other operations, our service agreement can include:

  • 1 contact point for hardware support across Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, HP Enterprise, Dell EMC, Apple and many other providers
  • Free ‘call management’ of all devices under vendor warranty
  • Monthly payment options for added flexibility for most services
  • Ability to decommission devices with a 30-day notice period
  • Continuous maintenance (beyond expiry dates) without worrying about renewals
  • No end-of-life for your devices as we will continue to support them

To learn more about our services and solutions, call us on 1800 468 372.

Additional Network Services

To ensure your network continues to deliver a great user experience, even when under pressure from high usage or growth, we have a CMS Connect solution for all your network services. With this solution, you can:

  • Gain access to your cloud applications quickly & easily
  • Aggregate your cloud services through us (a single provider)
  • Receive private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud services with 24/7 support

For more information about any of our tailored network services, call or get in touch with us today.