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Colocation Data Centre in Melbourne

Colocation Data Centre in Melbourne

If you are seeking colocation in Melbourne, finding a data centre with adequate support, uptime and security enables you to focus on your business – knowing you have the best data centre solution in place. We offer secure, efficient and high-availability data centre environments. Interactive has six data centres across three sites located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and a network of partners including Equinix and NextDC, all offering the best colocation data centre solutions. Learn more below about what makes our services the best colocation data centre solutions.

Interactive is the largest privately owned IT company in Australia and has been supporting mission-critical IT systems for over 30 years. Our data centre solutions are designed to deliver efficiencies, agility and security for your business. Reasons our solutions are the best colocation data centre solutions in Melbourne include:

What Makes Ours The Best Colocation Data Centres?

With 20 years of ownership and even more experience running data centres, we are amongst the best colocation data centres in Australia. Our aim is to mitigate downtime for your business. Our premium data centre facilities offer flexible spaces from shared or single racks to whole pods/cages and 24×7 on-site support is available to you every day of the year.

Other features that make our data centre one of the best colocation data centres include:

  • Built-in PCI DSS and ISO 9001 and 27001 compliant security
  • Actual data centre uptime of 100%
  • From 2kW to 6kW power right up to 32kW of high-density spaces available
  • From 1.5MVA over 420m2 to 4MVA over 1200m2 of technical floor space
  • Superior customer experience and services
  • Access to a network of leading partners (e.g. NextDC and Equinix)

Best Colocation Data Center Support Too

Our 24×7 on-site support is provided by highly skilled engineers & technicians and can include technical advice, project management, equipment relocation & installations right down to tape changes, cabling or machine reboots. We can also offer full consulting and design services.

We have put together a guide on how to select a data centre service provider to assist you in choosing the right partner for your business or organisation.

Servicing Your Colocation Data Centre

Instead of sending your technicians to service your data centre racks, or if you don’t have the resources available, we offer remote hands services on our sites, or data centre care at your site (by request) too. We offer 24×7 support should you require any troubleshooting with activities covered including:

  • Locating, detailing and reporting on the status of your equipment
  • Power cycling or hard rebooting equipment (routers, servers or other equipment)
  • Replacement of rack-mounted devices or externally accessible components
  • Install rack airflow blanking panels or network leads
  • Escorting of third-party engineers to your data centre

Learn more about our data centre care services by reading about our partnership with Animal Logic. We centralise and consolidate the monitoring and management of their data centre infrastructure by providing a single point of contact – to support their needs during the peaks and troughs of their production cycles.

Find Out More About The Best Colocation Data Centre In Melbourne

To view our facilities, book a tour or contact us to speak with our customer service team about what makes ours one of the best colocation data centers in Melbourne.