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HPE Managed Services

About our HPE Managed Services

Finding reliable HPE managed services through a provider that has the right experience, expertise and infrastructure will ensure you get the most out of your HPE products and services. Below is information on our HPE business support and how we can help your organisation improve performance, reduce risk and deliver cost efficiencies.

Interactive’s HPE enterprise support is backed by over 30 years of experience and is supported by world-class customer service and support agreements. We are Australia’s largest privately-owned IT company in Australia with over 2,800 customers in 46,000 locations and 300,000 supported devices.

HPE Business Support

We are one of Australia’s leading third-party providers for hardware maintenance and can deliver fully customised end-to-end HPE enterprise support. To enable your organisation to make the most of your HPE products and services, our HPE business support can include:


We can assess your existing model or HPE products & services, to identify how best to transform the support for your IT environment, network to hardware and where and how you can drive cost efficiencies whilst ensuring you have the right level of coverage.

Develop Vendor Consolidation Plans

Tailored to meet your needs, our tailored fit for purpose solutions are designed to improve performance & reliability and reduce costs & risk.

Solution Implementation

Our team ensures a seamless transition and call management is also includes free of charge as part of our HPE business support.


Our maintenance support is unparalleled given our team’s deep technical expertise and extensive certifications (240+). We have 100% HPE products & services parts at the ready, dedicated engineers and best-in-class response times.


We offer premium SLAs with a variety of support models for our HPE enterprise support to ensure you have the right support for your requirements. We deliver 24x7x2 hour onsite support, dedicated account management and device support beyond vendor EOSL dates. Our customer service centre is based in Australia and we have more than 130 certified field engineers on our team.


We can safely & securely destruct and dispose of your devices once they have reached the end of their useful life. We use environmentally safe disposal methods and ensure your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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