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High Density Data Centre

High Density Data Centres & Our Services

When looking for a high density data centre, ensuring you have appropriate levels of privacy and security is just as important as having the power you require. Interactive’s data centres offer scalable power up to 32kW, are Tier 3 compliant, and ISO 9001 Quality & ISO 27001 Information

Security certified. Below we list the data centre services we offer, that support high density server racks – available in our six data centre facilities located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We are Australia’s largest privately-owned IT company with over 2,800 customers in 46,000 locations and 300,000 supported devices. We have been providing IT services throughout Australia for over 30 years and have owned and managed data centres for over 20 years.

Add-On Services for High Density Server Racks

Data Centre Care

If you already have a high density server rack, within your facility, but don’t have the expertise or resources for optimal operation, our Data Centre Care service sends engineers to perform standard or even complex maintenance tasks. Example tasks include:

  • Maintenance of UPS, Generators, Cooling and Fire Systems
  • Management of customers contractors
  • Onsite DC Management
  • Monitoring solutions
  • Provision of Edge Rack Solutions.

This delivers increased efficiencies and cost savings.

Download the Data Centre Care brochure for more information on the benefits of outsourcing your data centre management.

Data Centre Connect

This network service includes IP-WAN, Ethernet Point-to-point, Office internet, Wavelength ethernet, dark fiber, IP Transit,NBN and SD-WAN. Benefits of our Data Centre Connect offering includes:

  • An Australian-based 24×7 service desk,
  • Support from an experienced team of network and data centre engineers,
  • One point of contact for your multiple vendors and SLAs
  • Customised solutions for your requirements, whether that’s a simple internet connection for a remote workforce or a fully-managed MPLS or IP-WAN solution

For more information, download our Data Centre Connect Fast Facts brochure.

Data Centre Relocation

If you need to relocate your high density server rack, we have a team of experienced certified field engineers, data centre cablers and dedicated project managers who will ensure the relocation occurs seamlessly and is set up correctly in its new location. We take a virtual snapshot of your data centre environment and move the equipment through a key sensitive freight partner to its new home so we can recreate it exactly.

AIMS (Asset and Inventory Management Service)

CMDB (Configuration Management Database) and live cabling metrics all within one portal. Benefits of our AIMS service include live representation of your network set up, customisable dashboard, ability to plan & prepare for future hardware refreshes, spare parts & structured cabling availability and service provider connections.

Why Choose Interactive as Your Data Centre Provider

If you require a high density server rack, we offer single racks right through to entire pods or cages so can tailor rack space to almost any requirement regardless of how complex your requirements are. Our data centre kW per rack ranges from 2kW to 6kW and for high density server racks, the data centre kW per rack can be up to 32kW.

To help you make an informed decision when it comes to high density server rack providers, we have developed a Data Centre Evaluation Checklist that includes a list of all the things you need to consider when choosing a provider.

Enquire About Our Data Centre Services

Contact us to find out more about our services, and discuss your data centre kW per rack requirements with our experienced and knowledgeable team today.

And Learn More About Remote Hands

Remote Hands is a hands-on service providing support, technical advice, project management, equipment relocation, and installations for customers IT equipment. Our engineers are highly skilled and can perform complex tasks, including:

  • Locating and describing the status of equipment
  • Escorting of third-party engineers in the Data Centre
  • Power Cycling / Hard reboot of equipment (routers, servers or other equipment)
  • Basic observation and reporting on the environment
  • Cable tracing, management and troubleshooting (*within the customer assigned racks)
  • Replacement of externally accessible hot-swap components
  • Replacement of rack-mounted devices, like for like
  • Audit existing installation, photograph devices, status indicators, patch cables
  • Installation of rack airflow blanking panels
  • Visual verification to assist remote troubleshooting efforts: Observing, describing or reporting on indicators or display information on equipment or consoles
  • Patching and connecting network leads
  • Media Management – tape change for back-up systems
  • Basic Racking and Stacking of equipment to an agreed location
  • Parts receipt & dispatch management

Benefits of Remote Hands include data centre best practice adherence, saved time and reduced overheads with on-site management, rather than having your IT team travel to the data centre. Contact us for more information about our Remote Hands service.