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About our Enterprise IT Support Services

The best enterprise IT support offers a business-first approach with flexible support options and tailored solutions that meet your needs. Interactive’s enterprise IT support services are designed to help you deliver optimal performance, identify and implement cost savings, and ensure you have the right infrastructure support for your requirements. Below is information on our enterprise IT services and how we can help you with your digital ecosystem.

Interactive is the largest privately owned IT company in Australia and has over 30 years of experience in hardware maintenance. We have extensive coverage with over 2,800 customers in 46,000 locations with 300,000 supported devices. Read what our enterprise IT managed services can include:

Customisable Enterprise IT Services

As part of our enterprise IT support services, we can help you with the following:


Through assessing your existing infrastructure model and any existing enterprise IT services, we can identify the best support for your entire environment – from network support through to hardware. We can also identify any cost efficiencies whilst continuing to maintain the level of coverage your infrastructure needs.

Network Design

By crafting a custom solution tailored to your needs, we can deliver improved performance, reduced risk, better reliability and cost efficiencies. Regardless of current manufacturer contracts or locations, we can help consolidate your vendors to simplify your support.


Our team of qualified and experienced engineers ensure a seamless transition, populating your database with every piece of equipment required. As part of our enterprise IT support services, implementation also includes call management (free of charge).

Maintenance & Support

With a dedicated account team that has deep technical expertise and over 240 certifications, our parts-on-hand guarantee (100% parts at the ready, all the time) and best-in-class response times, we can help your organisation minimise downtime and maximise your equipment’s operational life – reducing the costs of your infrastructure.

Our customer service centre is based in Australia and answers calls within 8 seconds. Engineer callbacks are within 10 minutes and we provide 24×7 2-hour on-site support, which means one of our certified field technicians can be on-site with parts within 2 hours.

Our enterprise IT support services also allow you to continue using devices that are beyond vendor EOSL dates – until you are ready to decommission them so you get the most out of your hardware. Hardware brands we service include Cisco, IBM, HPE, DELL EMC, Lenovo, Sun Oracle, F5, Riverbed, Quantum, Juniper Networks, APC, Pure Storage, NetApp and Apple. View our EOSL support list for all brands we support.

Secure Decommission and Disposal of Old Equipment

When your devices have reached the end of their useful life, our enterprise IT managed services can include the decommissioning and environmentally-safe disposal of equipment in a safe and secure manner – so if they contain sensitive or confidential information, data won’t end up in the wrong hands.

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