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Data Centre Tiers & Our Facilities

Data centre tiers are used to describe the infrastructure components within a data centre, including power, cooling, redundant and backup components, and expected uptime.

The data centre tier standards are:

  • Tier 1 is for basic capacity with a single path for power (known as a UPS: uninterruptible power source) and cooling, and only a few redundant and backup components
  • Tier 2 has a redundant capacity with a single path for power and cooling but more redundant and backup components
  • Tier 3 is concurrently maintainable, with multiple paths for power and cooling, so that any component can be serviced without affecting production or taking it offline
  • Tier 4 is fault-tolerant with redundancy for every component, allowing for any production to be protected from any type of failure

For over 20 years, Interactive has owned and operated data centres across Australia. We have the flexible solutions, onsite expertise and scalable power to support your business. Whether you’re a medium-sized organisation or multi-national enterprise, we can help you choose the data centre tier that best suits your needs without over-investment.

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Located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, our data centre facilities are staffed 24×7 with highly skilled engineers and technicians. Providing cloud connectivity to all major public cloud providers, and instant access to Australia’s largest hardware engineering capability, we can maintain your IT infrastructure.

Our mission-critical data centres can also be paired with our Business Continuity capabilities for a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.


Premium Security

Each of our tier 3 data centres has privacy and security compliance being designed to ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security standards. Each data centre is designed to meet these Australian and International standards, meaning you receive the highest quality protection.

Other Data Storage Solutions

If you only require a tier 1 data centre or something similar, our EdgeRack service may be the perfect solution for you. With no need for a dedicated server room, these powerful and practical units can keep your local data and workloads nearby. As part of our service, we can inspect, deliver and install EdgeRack in your office space and provide 24×7 support and on-site maintenance (with guaranteed 2-hour response time). Find out more by downloading the Interactive EdgeRack brochure.


By partnering with tier 4 data centre providers, we can provide geographic diversity for co-location and cloud data centre services. Maintaining their equipment via our remote hands service, this dual-site solution reduces risks while ensuring you continue to experience our superior support services.

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