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Data Centre Security Management

Data Centre Security Management and Asset Protection

When securing a data centre it’s important to develop comprehensive policies, precautions and practises to avoid unauthorized access (physically or virtually) and manipulation of resources. With strong data centre security, preventative measures should be in place to prevent issues such as a denial of service (DoS), theft of confidential information, and data alteration or loss from internal and external threats.

Owning and operating data centres for over 20 years, Interactive offer data centre management services to help organisations secure their information. Compliant to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and ISO27001 data centre standards, our facilities are monitoring 24x7x365 by our teams of experienced technicians.

Why Choose Interactive for Secure Data Centre Solutions?

Offering flexible solutions to suit the needs of your organisation, from a single rack or entire pod within a data centre, we have the technology, expertise and award-winning services to secure your data. Each of our facilities (in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne) have data centre protection features including:

  • Physical security with video cameras, alarms and locked access points
  • Up-to-date accessibility lists to ensure that only authorised individuals have access to the server rooms within our data centres
  • Ongoing virtual surveillance of our networks by teams of technicians and engineers
  • Maintenance and monitoring of data centre infrastructure to optimize performance and minimize any outages

Talk to our data centre experts for more information on our solutions and how we can help your organisation grow with protection.

Protect Your Business, In Addition to Your Data

In addition to providing industry-leading data centre security, we have disaster recovery sites across Australia for business continuity. If your business operations experience a natural disaster, pandemic or another cause for operations to cease, we can help you relocate and resume operations in record time.

Our facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are staffed 24×7 with shared or dedicated suites available to you. As we are connected with multiple communications providers (Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Vodafone, etc.), we can ensure your systems are up and ready to go as fast as you need to minimize downtime and impact on your customers. Talk to our business continuity experts to learn more about disaster declarations and how to further protect your business.

Read About Our Data Centre Security Management

To learn more about our services and solutions, read our case studies of successful collaborations with our customers. Within these stories include direct quotes for key stakeholders on why Interactive is the best choice for data centre and business continuity management.