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Data Centre Relocation Services

Data Centre Relocation Services and Planning

When selecting a data centre relocation service provider, choosing a reliable data centre relocation services company with experienced technical teams will ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition. Below we list the benefits of choosing a data centre relocation plan with Interactive.

We will work with your IT team to fulfil the installation end-to-end and ensure you have a dedicated project manager throughout the process.

Interactive is one of the largest, privately-owned, IT services providers in Australia and has been supporting mission-critical systems for over 30 years. We have over 2,800 customers, over 46,000 locations and 300,000 supported devices. Our support services are designed to deliver efficiency, agility and security for your business. Our goal is to mitigate downtime and help your organisation resume your business operations in record time or ensure compliance is continued. Benefits of our data centre relocation plans include:

Benefits Of Our Data Centre Relocation Services

To ensure your data centre environment works perfectly after it has been relocated, we take a virtual snapshot of the DC environment. After it has been moved by a key sensitive freight partner (specialising in IT and health infrastructure migrations) we are then able to recreate it exactly. Other benefits of using our data centre relocation services include:

  • We make sure we have spare parts available in the event that an unsupported device fails to start
  • Lifespan is maximised because we perform in-depth audits of the existing footprint ensuring equipment is installed for correct hot/cold airflow
  • We have a resource pool of hundreds of field engineers, all certified, who specialise in the majority of enterprise-level networks, computing, and storage infrastructure
  • Our data centre relocation service cablers are experienced and ensure maximum airflow for the equipment and neatness of the environment
  • We ensure you have access to an SME (subject matter expert) to consult and troubleshoot every aspect of your IT environment, from physical infrastructure to cyber security

Find Out More About Our Data Centre Relocation Plans

Avoid the hassle of needing to manage 2 environments simultaneously (in service and in transit) with a high-risk operation and minimal IT support. Utilise the expertise of our highly trained team to mitigate risk when conducting a data centre relocation.

Talk to our experts about our data centre relocation services or to arrange a quote for a data centre relocation plan that best suits your requirements.