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Data Centre Design

Data Centre Designs and Considerations

Data centre design is the process of modelling and designing a data centre’s layout and infrastructure to meet current and future IT needs and is, therefore, an important consideration for the future of an organisation. However, investing in data centre architecture is a costly process and future planning is often neglected.

By outsourcing your data centre technology to a third-party provider, you can free-up resources to focus on internal business operations and future growth. Interactive has over 20 years’ experience in owning, operating and managing data centres for organisations of various sizes. Located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, we can provide onsite support, project management, equipment maintenance and more.

What to Consider When Designing Data Centre Infrastructure

  • Allowing room for growth, which includes several aspects:
    • Physical server space within the data centre for additional racks, pods or cages
    • Power source and scalability to meet future requirements
    • Cooling capabilities to counteract the heat generated by additional hardware
  • Advanced monitoring equipment and a support team readily available to respond to any potential outages, implement future upgrades and provide ongoing maintenance
  • Security of the facility, the equipment and the information flowing to and from the data centre is critical to ensuring no sensitive information is compromised

It’s important to consider the cost-benefit analysis of developing your own data centre compared to employing a data centre service provider. We have scalable power over expandable floorspaces, superior security and monitoring systems, and specialised support technicians to meet all of the important considerations. Enquire with our data centre experts to find out how we can support you.

EdgeRack: the Best Modular Data Centre

Not needing a dedicated server room, EdgeRack is a highly resilient unit that provides the portability of a modular data centre with heavy-duty security. Easily installed in almost any office environment, this quiet unit includes all the necessary power, cooling and alarm systems needed for ongoing performance.

For maintenance, we offer an all-inclusive service package with 24/7 monitoring, 2-hour onsite response time for any outages, and annual preventative maintenance inspections. Find out more by downloading the Interactive EdgeRack Information Sheet.

How We’ve Helped Others with Our Data Centres

Transferring data from a single head office location to their own data centre, we were able to upgrade Sothertons’ data centre infrastructure with reinforced power and security as well as improved speed and backup capabilities. Developing an innovative data centre design, we helped their team access client files, taxation information and tools whenever and wherever they are to expand their service offerings. Read the full Sothertons Case Study for more information.

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