Business Risk Management

Business Risk Management and Uncertainty-Based Risks

There are many types of business risk management, as every business decision includes an element of risk. As advised by the Commonwealth of Australia [1], it’s important to understand the risks that could affect your business and how to manage those risks. To mitigate the impact, it’s important to develop a comprehensive business risk management plan.


For over 20 years, Interactive has assisted organisations with business continuity and risk management. Tailoring business continuity plans to each business’ unique requirements, we can ensure that when disaster strikes you can resume business operations in record time via our mission-critical data centres and disaster recovery facilities.

Management of Uncertainty-Based Risks


The Commonwealth of Australia [1] outlined uncertainty-based risks as one of the main type of risks to a business. They are from unknown events such as natural disasters and cybercrime. As the latest [2] is a growing threat in Australia, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a business continuity risk management in place to protect your business and customers.


Pairing our business continuity services with data centre storage, Interactive’s team of experienced engineers can help you with:

  • Backing up data – to recover lost information if you experience events such as a cyber incident, a hardware failure, a natural disaster causing the loss of data, etc.
  • Securing your devices and network – fix security flaws and protect your data
  • Connecting with the communication providers of your choice – seamlessly integrating into our systems
  • Providing your staff with world-class facilities – should your business need to relocate in the event of a disaster


While individual disasters can significantly impact your business, you should also consider learning about how to survive a wide-scale disaster.

Case Study on Business Risk Management


Flooding Continuity for Telstra Super

Discovering a burst water pipe at their office, affecting 90% of their operational capacity, Telstra Super had to implement their disaster recovery plan. Typically taking more than 40 calls per hour, we provided our Sydney business continuity suite to their 6 call centre staff and diverted enquiries seamlessly to ensure business operations continued as normal.

Read the full Telstra Super case study to find out why “Telstra Super was impressed with the service from Interactive, as the disaster unfolded they rapidly accommodated our changing needs. No request was too great”.

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