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Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plans and Services

As outlined by the Australian Government*; a business continuity plan involves preparing your organisation for operation after or during an incident or crisis. The continuity plan should also detail how to identify and reduce risks (where possible), and how to respond to and recover from an incident or crisis.

Incidents or crises that can occur include natural disasters, pandemics, technology failures, work health & safety issues, economical or financial events, and staffing or supply chain issues.

Interactive is Australia’s largest provider of business continuity services, with custom solutions to keep your organisation running in the event of an incident or crisis. We have premium facilities in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane which are supported by industry-leading technology and helpful staff. Keep reading to learn how you can get one of the best business continuity plans available.

Types of Business Continuity Services

Offering a range of custom plans to build the best response strategy for you, our team can develop multiple service-level agreements (SLAs) to ensure you’re covered. These types of services we offer include:

  • Multi-subscriber or dedicated IT environments for your team, with standardised desktop and PABX (private automatic branch exchange, or business telephone system) infrastructure.
  • Cloud connectivity for quick & easy access to your applications – this is supported by our data centres.
    • Unlike other providers, we can provide both business continuity suites and data centre sites that are linked.
  • Premium office facilities with meeting rooms, meal areas & commercial kitchen, car parking, access to public transport, and more.

Protect the longevity of your organisation with an IT business continuity plan that complies with Australian and International standards.

By signing up to a monthly subscription model, you can eliminate costly setup fees and annual testing days. Instead, if your business faces a disaster, there is a simple declaration fee.

Resources to Develop Business Continuity Plans

To help you develop a corporate business continuity plan, we’ve developed a template for you to download. This includes guidance on establishing a business impact analysis, identifying potential threats, exploring recovery solutions, and preparing your business. Download our business continuity template to learn more.

Stay up-to-date with other useful information by frequently checking our business continuity institute (BCI) resources. These resources include webinars, online presentations and articles to help organisations prepare and respond to incidents or crises.

Finally, learn how to create a successful business continuity plan by reading our guide with 7 key steps.

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*Commonwealth of Australia (2020)