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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management and Services

Business continuity management involves the preparation of processes and procedures to ensure critical business operations continue should a disaster be encountered.

By identifying risks, such as cyber-attacks, natural disasters and pandemics, every business continuity management framework should include policies and strategies that outline the necessary steps to minimise any disruption.

Interactive have business continuity services and disaster recovery sites in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to help you resume business operations in record time. Each world-class facility features a secure data centre and our highly skilled engineers are ready to deploy your data 24/7/365 days a year.

What to Include in a Business Continuity Management Strategy

Outlined by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) [1], each business continuity management framework is cyclical and ongoing, and different approaches can be taken by various business entities. However, every strategy should include:

  • Analysis – undertake an impact analysis to identify and prioritise critical services and assets, to ensure ongoing operations
  • Solution Design – develop plans, measures and arrangements to protect these critical services and assets when warranted by a threat or risk assessment
  • Implementation – document the business continuity management program with suitable access to the required resources for all stakeholders, including regional offices
  • Testing & Acceptance – activate the plan, locally or at a business-wide level, to test the expected duration of the outage and the impact on critical functions and systems
  • Maintenance – once establishment key performance measures and targets are met, plan future testing, internal audits and ongoing reviews

To learn more about how to create a successful business continuity plan, read our guide or download our free business continuity plan template.

Case Studies on Business Continuity Management Systems

Since the year 2000, Interactive has managed over 80 disaster declarations for organisations seeking rapid operational recovery. Your business continuity plan is actioned within our world-class facilities and with the help of our dedicated business continuity engineers and IT specialists. Discussed below are two case studies on the success of our business continuity services.


APT Travel Group Encountered a Fire

A fire in an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) meant that APT Travel Group had to relocate to their Disaster Recovery (DR) site and move their call centre team to our Port Melbourne recovery suite. By executing a well-tested plan, all telephone systems and desktop environments were transferred to our suite overnight to ensure no loss of contact to their customers was experienced.

By choosing us as their business continuity management provider, the APT team seamlessly transitioned call centre operations to our recovery suite and their customers noticed no difference to their great services.

Whether you have an existing provider or are looking for a new provider, find out what key questions to consider asking when selecting a business continuity service provider.


Lonely Planet: From Multiple Disaster Plans to One Provider

Moving from a multi-subscriber disaster recovery plan to one hosting service with Interactive, Lonely Planet was able to ensure website security and 100% availability – even in the event of a disaster with all data stored in two locations. By implementing this change, we introduced a cost-effective solution without compromising on customer service quality.

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