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Protect your business from a potential disaster.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Business continuity involves preparing processes and procedures to ensure critical business operations continue should a disaster be encountered.

A disaster recovery plan is essential for any business or organisation to ensure you can continue to operate with the least amount of disruption when the unexpected happens. Interactive’s business continuity support is designed to help your business resume operations in record time and ensure your organisation continues to stay compliant. Below is information on the business continuity planning and disaster recovery support we provide.

Interactive is the largest business continuity services provider in Australia and have been supporting mission-critical IT systems for over 30 years. We have over 2,800 customers, 46,000 locations & 300,000 supported devices and have managed over 80 disaster declarations since 2000. Our IT network support is designed to deliver efficiencies, agility and security for your business. We can work with your organisation to formulate and document an end-to-end business continuity plan to ensure you have the right disaster recovery plan steps in place. Benefits of our business disaster recovery plan support include:

Business Continuity & Business Disaster Recovery Plans

Our business continuity planning and disaster recovery support are designed to protect your business, staff and customers. Benefits of our business disaster recovery plan support include:

  • We ensure continued compliance by testing your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in our world-class disaster recovery facilities
  • On-site barista, breakout spaces and secured data centres
  • Facilities staffed 24×7 so we are ready when you need us with over 200 IT specialists (data is ready to be deployed 24/7 by our highly skilled engineers)
  • Multiple locations across Australia
  • Premium, world-class facilities supported by the best technology
  • Shared or dedicated suites (individual seating or dedicated office environments available)
  • Customised Plans that ensure the best business disaster recovery plan is in place for your organisation
  • Multiple SLAs available
  • Connectivity available through multiple providers
  • Standardised desktop and PABX with rapid deployment technology
  • APRA compliant business disaster recovery plans

Download our ‘Key Questions to Ask Your Service Provider’ document to ensure you make the right decision.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Contact us to speak with our customer service team about the best disaster recovery plan steps for your business or organisation. We can help you determine what business disaster recovery plan will be the most suitable for your requirements.