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Brisbane Colocation Data Centre

Colocation Data Centre in Brisbane

Our Brisbane colocation services are backed by 20+ years’ experience of data centre ownership and even more experience running data centres. Interactive is a premier colocation data center provider in Brisbane – we also have colocation data centres in Melbourne and Sydney. Below is information on what we offer as a colocation data center provider in Brisbane.

Interactive has been providing IT services in Australia for over 30 years. We are the largest privately-owned IT company in Australia with over 2,800 customers in 46,000 locations and 300,000 supported devices.

About Our Brisbane Colocation Data Centre

To mitigate downtime for your business, our premium facility offers 24×7 on-site support from highly-skilled engineers and technicians. Whether you require shared or single racks, pods/cages or dedicated suites, we can tailor our services to your requirements. We can also connect you with a wide range of telecommunications and network service providers to ensure you’re always operational.

Key features of our Brisbane data centre include:

  • Built-in PCI DSS, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant security
  • Actual data centre uptime of 100%
  • From 2kW to 7kW power, even up to 32kW of high-density spaces
  • From 1.5MVA over 420m2, to 4MVA over 1200m2 of technical floor space
  • Access to a network of leading partners (e.g. NextDC and Equinix)
  • Designed to a Tier 3 standard
  • Access to your colocated equipment at any time (with staff on-site to assist as required)

Data Center Add-Ons

In addition to offering colocation data center services, we also offer data centre add-ons to assist your IT department and support business operations.

Data Centre (DC) Care

Our DC care service includes on-site data centre management, Remote Hands (where we perform physical activities required for client collocated infrastructure in Racks), managing contractors, monitoring solutions, provision of Edge Rack Solutions and maintenance of UPS, generators, cooling & fire systems

Remote Hands

Remote Hands provides on-site support when physical activity is required for your collocated infrastructure on Racks. This service removes the need for staff to make a trip to the data centre so is a more cost-effective solution. It also saves time and ensures quicker responses.

Network Services

Our network services can include fibres, IP transit and NBN. We have an Australian based service desk with fast resolution times and it means one point of contact for both your data centre and network services.

Data Centre Relocation

We take virtual snapshots of your data centre environment so we can recreate it exactly. You will have a dedicated project manager and the relocation is supported by certified field engineers and experienced data centre cablers.

AIMS (Asset and Inventory Management Services)

CMDB (Configuration Management Database) and live cabling metrics all within one portal. This service includes live representation of your network set up, a customisable dashboard, spare parts, service provider connections and enables the ability to plan in advance for things like upcoming hardware refreshes where you may need to reserve rack spaces or connections.

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