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Protect Your Data by Leveraging the Cloud

Rowan Gillson
Technical Specialist - Data Protection

Is onsite data really more secure than cloud? It is a common thought that your servers, backup and network gear are safer where you can see them, but is this truly the case?

Cloud computing is here to stay, but there are still many companies that are uncomfortable with the idea of a data security in a cloud-based environment. And this is understandable—every month seems to bring a news story about a data breach. 

In fact Alert Logic published harrowing figures in a 2014 report showing that 44% of cloud customers suffered a brute-force attack. However scary this is, the onsite server equivalent was higher at 49%. Add to this 56% malware/botnet attacks (onsite) vs 11% (cloud hosted) and it becomes clear that your data will be under attack everywhere.

Still, it’s hard to ignore or deny the benefits of cloud computing. From cost savings and freedom from hardware constraints, operational costs instead of capital expenditure, and always-current functionality – it’s no wonder that cloud adoption is growing exponentially.

Yet the question of security continues to be debated. Is it actually safer to entrust your mission-critical data off-premise? Here are some key points to consider:     

Onsite Security

Security breaches due to unauthorized physical access to a cloud host’s data centres are very rare.  The major incidents usually come from within a company’s own walls, often from employees.  Cloud hosting companies protect customers’ data and alert them immediately about any disturbance. Plus, secure cloud servers hosted in a variety of locations can safeguard data better than a single location. 

Pay attention to your backup data. It is one of the greatest security risks, often being a copy of your full dataset and usually handled by tape libraries or single storage device. It makes good sense to look at safer options for your organisation's backup data.

Cyber Threats

New security threats are always being created and detected, how can you ensure your network and systems are up to the task? On-site hardware requires your IT staff to validate software patches and test that your virus protection, malware defence systems are up to date and working correctly. On the other hand, cloud providers can batch and deploy security and virus protection in real-time, leaving your IT staff to focus on more profit-driven activities.

Server Availability

By having your own servers in your company’s own buildings, you can better ensure system uptime. Your team can perform system checks at any time and fix any warnings before they become problems. But how often does this happen?

Usually IT teams are fixing issues rather than watching for warning lights and degrading system performance.  An IDC study in November 2014 stated cloud customers had significantly fewer disruptions and quicker recovery, resulting in less downtime.

How can we help?

Cloud providers typically offer better data security than most organisations can build on their own. At Interactive, we pride ourselves on our physical and virtual security and our customer is always at the heart of what we do. Your data protection is our highest priority and we have invested in the most advanced security tools to keep you safe.

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