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Joe Gregory
National Pre-Sales & Project Manager 

Company IT infrastructure is increasingly critical to the success of any business, especially as those companies migrate B2B and C2B engagement to often purely electronic means underpinned by IT infrastructure – servers, storage and networking.

Maintaining 100% system availability across your company IT infrastructure therefore has a direct impact on revenue & profit.

IT Departments are becoming increasingly challenged in maintaining 100% system availability as there is an on-going drive within all business to become leaner and do more with less.

Interactive’s OnAlert Device Monitoring Service – leveraging an IT device’s ability to send email alerts to the Interactive Service Desk when devices, or a component, has failed– is the ideal service that helps you achieve 100% system availability in a number of ways:

  • Remote sites – you may have your IT infrastructure spread across remote sites, many often unmanned. Interactive can receive the email alert that can alert you to IT device failures quickly & reliably and have one of field engineers despatched to site with a spare part in hand.

  • System Availability – sometimes, IT devices may have a redundant part fail that doesn’t trigger any alarm bells unless someone happens to walk past the rack where that device is located and see a red light e.g. backup power supply failure in a network router.  Device Monitoring picks up such failures and ensures a “minor” backup component failure doesn’t become a system outage if the main component fails.

  • Quick response – by having Interactive monitor your IT devices you receive 24x7 monitoring that ensures quick responses to IT device failures regardless of the hour of the day or the location of the device. Your IT staff can focus on day-to-day IT operations – and sleep well at night – knowing Interactive is keeping watch and will alert them if there are any hardware faults.

  • Cost – Interactive’s OnAlert service is a low cost alternative to hiring, training & retaining IT staff to perform a monitoring function; leaving you free to focus on other, key issues.

Learn more about Inrteractive's OnAlert Monitoring Service.