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One of the most common problems in data centre energy management is inadequate sub-metering. This means that pro-active data centre managers cannot identify where energy inefficiencies lie and are disempowered when it comes to optimising costs and performance. Traditional solutions to this problem often present the challenge of installing sub-metering in the right location without impacting the data centre operations. This can result in very costly and complex outcomes.
OEH had exactly this problem in a number of their own data centres and partnered with Interactive® to install a wireless solution offered by platform providers Urbanise. Urbanise have leveraged existing non-invasive sensor technology to capture energy use and temperature changes inside data centres. Interactive® applied these sensors at critical locations in a couple of OEH data centres which has allowed OEH the transparency to optimise air supply and also track their PUE in near real-time. The result: a considerable drop in energy costs and NABERS Rating compliance for both the IT-Equipment and Infrastructure.

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NSW OEH implements data centre metering solution