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Cyber Security & Australian Healthcare

During these challenging times we are witnessing increased cyber-attacks, exploiting COVID19 for Phishing. Healthcare organisations are more vulnerable to cyber security threats as cybercrime is known to increase during times of heightened emotion, stress, distraction and when resources are stretched.

Interactive is offering, for a period of 90 days at no charge to all Healthcare organisations in Australia:


  • COVID-19 Phishing Alerts for organisations using O365 suite
  • Threat Hunting exercise to detect any Indicators of Compromise in O365
  • Vulnerability Assessment of Azure infrastructure to identify weaknesses (via Qualys platform)
  • Endpoint Detection and Response tools deployment to critical assets in Microsoft Azure (via Carbon Black Defense platform)


Managing cyber events from logs to real threats:

Interactive established our CSOC to help our customers predict, detect and effectively respond to cyber threats across their entire IT environment.

Our comprehensive service:

  • provides 24×7 access to onshore cyber experts who know our customer’s business
  • delivers a security program tailored to our customer’s critical assets
  • removes excess alerts and false alarms and minimises spend on irrelevant cyber investigations
  • has predictable monthly costs

Interactive’s CSOC works with our customers to ensure we ingest the highest quality data from their infrastructure, which reduces noise and alarm fatigue, reduces Mean Time to Respond and increases confidence in detecting real and confirmed threats. ​


Frequently Asked Questions

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