Cabrini Health: Gaining rapid response IT support when it’s critical
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Cabrini Health: Gaining rapid response IT support when it’s critical

Cabrini Health found increased response and support for their critical IT infrastructure - in an environment needing rapid response, downtime is a dangerous thing.
Published on
June 4, 2021


Cabrini Health

Cabrini Health is a healthcare service that was established in Australia in 1948.

Today, the organisation is spread over nine sites across Melbourne, provides the community with 832 beds and a comprehensive range of palliative and aged care, hospital, rehabilitation and general practice health services.


Benefits delivered

  • 20% price reduction of IT maintenance costs
  • Tailored Cisco tiered support to fit business requirements
  • Premium service level agreements for core infrastructure

Business challenge

When critical IT needs critical IT support

Cabrini Health recognises that the demand for rapid response support in the healthcare business is not simply for the doctors. Every element of their IT infrastructure must be ready to respond to a sudden change in the health requirements of the community.

Their incumbent IT maintenance provider did not meet the required response times in the event of equipment failure. In addition, Cabrini found that there were helpdesk delays and slow delivery of replacement parts, resulting in internal service level agreements being missed. As a health provider, they are required to meet specific IT resolution timeframes to ensure minimal downtime within critical devices and the incumbent IT provider could not guarantee a solve during this period.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Cabrini Health’s Information Services department was also under pressure to effectively manage costs without compromising on the quality of the solution or business operations.


Receiving a tailored support strategy to fit their needs

Interactive delivered a comprehensive and tailored solution to support Cabrini Health’s Cisco network infrastructure. Understanding that some devices are more critical than others, Interactive was able to work with Cabrini and offer a tiered support strategy.

As a Cisco Gold Partner, Interactive allowed Cabrini to include Cisco SmartNet for devices that require software and security updates, Partner Support Service (PSS) where the partner delivers service desk, access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) and software updates, or a fully partner delivered support solution to help manage the cost for end of service devices. This helped Cabrini to find savings within their IT maintenance cost without having to compromise on service or support.

“One of the major benefits of moving our equipment over to Interactive was the faster turnaround when our equipment fails. Our dedicated engineer is often at a site within 30 minutes, and his familiarity with our IT team and systems means we don’t have to wait days for it to be fixed or deal with unresponsive help desks."

In addition, Interactive was able to offer Cabrini additional care and support for their infrastructure beyond Cisco devices. Consolidating multiple IT vendor contracts with Interactive allowed Cabrini flexibility with monthly billing and access to higher response including 2 hours, onsite support with parts.


Simplifying support for a stronger future

As a Cisco Gold Partner and the largest third-party maintenance company in Australia, Interactive provides the full range of services to support Cabrini Health at a price point that helps fulfill their other mission – providing support to the community. In fact, Interactive’s solution helped Cabrini Health save 20% on their maintenance costs over their previous provider.

Consolidating multiple maintenance contracts for various devices under one roof, Interactive has helped Cabrini to simplify, yet strengthen its IT infrastructure. Interactive provided a streamlined ticketing process, giving Cabrini peace of mind that if an outage occurs, it won’t be for long. With an Australian-based service desk, 2-hour service level agreements, local parts and dedicated support engineers, Interactive allows Cabrini’s staff to focus on what is really important, caring for their patients.

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