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35% of cloud spend is wasted

Here in Australia, cloud use is growing at an exponential rate. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been hastily investing in new, cloud-based infrastructure to support remote working. While this has brought great benefits, many businesses have either over-invested, haven’t migrated the right workloads, or don’t have the right configuration and controls in place. As a result, many are paying far more than they need to.     

Common issues include:

Lack of Governance

A lack of controls around how cloud is consumed can elevate costs and security risks.


Poor configuration can rapidly lead to unnecessary and unknown consumption costs.

Vendor lock-in

Relying on one provider can lead to inflexible pricing and a set-up that’s not the right fit for your workloads.

Interactive Multi-Cloud Optimisation Assessment

Gain visibility into current cloud usage and eliminate wasted spend. Your custom insights report will also identify architectural improvements including risk and compliance.
Webinar: Stop wasting money in the cloud

A recent report revealed that when it comes to cloud, driving cost savings is the #1 priority for businesses in 2020.

Join Leon Scott, Interactive’s Public Cloud Product Manager, and Yaron Wizman, Solutions Engineer at CloudHealth as they highlight ways to save money now by optimising your cloud configuration. Learn about:

  • Common money pitfalls
  • Identifying quick wins
  • Bringing governance and security into your cloud operations
  • How to get started


Customer Story: Azure Optimisation for Global FMCG Brand

Learn how a regional CIO uncovered a 30% saving on Azure spend and built a successful business case for retaining operational autonomy.

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To discover if your cloud is costing you too much, the first step is to get an assessment from a partner with expertise in multi-cloud. Interactive has been proven to reduce our clients’ cloud spend by an average of 25%.