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Village Roadshow took advantage of the numerous benefits offered by Interactive’s cloud solutions, all at a significantly reduced cost.


Village Roadshow is a rapidly expanding company that has been entertaining Australia for over 50 years via cinemas and film, music, theme parks and DVD distribution. With such a substantial business footprint, Village Roadshow makes significant use of technology for processes such as ticketing, websites, distribution for film and DVD rental, as well as its entire communications infrastructure.


Village Roadshow traditionally managed its own data centre at its Jam Factory headquarters in Melbourne. As the company experienced an increase in their data storage requirements and outgrew their data centre space, they decided it was time to review all available options to ensure Village Roadshow could continue to deliver its products with no downtime. They required a high performance and scalable managed production storage solution that provided strong business continuity capabilities at a competitive price to an in-house option.


Village Roadshow had already developed a strong working relationship with Interactive due to Interactive having previously provided hardware maintenance and disaster recovery services, so it made sense to turn to them again for a solution. Interactive developed an IaaS solution with storage solutions partner, NetApp. Village Roadshow relocated all its data from its internal data centre to Interactive’s Tier III data centre, implementing the NetApp FAS3170 storage system, which delivers managed production storage, firewall services, monitoring, management and reporting.


The flexibility we are given with Interactive to tailor an agreement to the way our organisation works is what has ensured such a long and successful supplier relationship. That, combined with the superior customer service and top-class facilities they offer.

David Kindlen, CIO


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