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With Interactive, Independent Living Centre NSW enhanced cost efficiencies and assured continuity for their customers.


Independent Living Centre NSW is a not for profit organisation that provides advice and information to those in need of assistive technology, in particular many elderly and disabled people. For the 450,000 people who visit the Independent Living Centre’s website each year, assistive technology – ranging from home automation to mobility aids to modified eating utensils – can significantly improve the quality and choices in their lives.


The Independent Living Centre’s website is the most comprehensive information portal for those living in NSW wishing to explore assistive technology options, so uninterrupted access for members is absolutely vital. Independent Living Centre NSW was looking to safeguard this essential information portal with a back-up system and around the clock IT support. There was also a need for the company to have a ‘Plan B’ in the instance their systems failed or their offices became inaccessible.


Independent Living Centre NSW chose to partner with leading IT services company, Interactive. The tailored package incorporates fully managed servers and storage, all of which are fully accessible via Interactive’s secure local cloud, powered by its footprint of local data centres. The Centre’s information portal is now fully backed up and Interactive boasts a two hour response time, which means that all issues are swiftly handled. The company also opted for a disaster recovery solution with Interactive, quoting efficient and effective risk management as the major draw card for choosing to subscribe to this continuity solution.


Interactive is incredibly efficient and the support team is really fabulous. We’re a small organisation, but Interactive is always professional and friendly; they make us feel like we are as important as any of their major players.

Goretti Kee, IT Manager
Independent Living Centre


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