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The Imperium Capital Group reaps the benefits of Interactive’s new Hosted Exchange service.


The Imperium Capital Group is designed to acquire profitable businesses, then use their combined range of strong financial, strategic, operational, human resource and change management expertise to see these businesses grow and flourish.


IT is the backbone of Imperium Capital Group, and it is therefore absolutely essential that their systems are always up and running. Email is a critical business tool for the Imperium Capital Group, and with their company expanding, they were looking for a way to cost-effectively get enterprise level email services without any hassles or business downtime.


For an answer, Imperium Capital Group turned to Interactive and their Hosted Exchange service. This service offers the ultimate in resilience, simplicity and high performance per dollar, and provides the Imperium Capital Group with a 24/7 IT support structure. The cloud based offer makes it easy to add and delete users from their email system, see disk usage and more, allowing for the most effective usage of company mailboxes. One of the biggest benefits of this service is that the end user doesn't see anything different, which means as a business you don’t have to try to retrain and change the mindset of every user. Additionally, with Interactive taking care of all of their IT needs, Imperium Capital Group were freed up to get on with running their business.


What I want is the stuff to work. Interactive is my partner in that. They’re helping ensure that my business is always up and able to do business…The Interactive hosted exchange system has enabled my IT team to focus on those things that really matter to the Imperium Capital Group and its customers.

Andrew Cox, Owner and Managing Director
Imperium Capital Group


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