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Control. Speed. Growth: Aperio has the whole package with Interactive’s storage and managed services solution.


Aperio is Australasia’s largest flexible packaging manufacturer. They utilize a range of technologies to produce packaging solutions for food, beverages, and select other consumables.


Where there is business growth, an increase in data inevitably follows. The key to meeting these growing demands is to have a flexible and capable ICT infrastructure in place. When Aperio’s storage needs became more complex due to the growth of the business, Aperio sought a way to make their ICT infrastructure work harder to deliver more bandwidth and increased resilience. The solution needed to ensure Aperio could meet the needs of its remote sites and provide the security and protection required for its customer data, while still being highly cost conscious and cost effective.


Aperio turned to Interactive for assistance, and now benefit from the provider’s superior managed IT services. The customised Managed Services solution includes co-location via its Sydney data centre, heightened security and faster access to shared services and information for all its thirteen sites in Asia Pacific. To ensure maximum resiliency and security of the corporate infrastructure, Aperio also opted for Interactive’s managed storage services to provide recovery of virtual systems and critical production data, and managed firewalls across Australia and New Zealand. Not only has Interactive’s solution significantly improving Aperio’s business efficiencies, but it has allowed Aperio to retain full control over its servers and given them the flexibility to turn up or turn down the solution to fit their business needs, however they may change in the future.


Interactive’s Managed Services solution gives us access to newer infrastructure at a low ongoing cost, delivering the best possible return on investment for our IT expenditure…Via Interactive, we have access to the best technology and expertise that significantly improves our business efficiencies, and provides maximum system and data security, which would not have been possible with our older systems or an on-site solution.

Blair Hope, CFO


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