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For 30 years we've taken the hassle out of information technology and let our customers get on with their business. While we're in tech, we're human in everything we do. We work hard and have fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously.

For 30 years we've taken the hassle out of information technology and let our customers get on with their business.

Our values

Attitude is Everything

We look for the good in situations and approach challenges and people with optimism. Problems and customer issues are seen as an opportunity to be great. Our positive attitude is evident in every interaction. An excellent attitude is the most treasured value at Interactive.

Superior Customer Relationships

The customer is always foremost in our thoughts and actions. We always deliver on our commitments with a smile and we seek to delight our customers daily. We understand that excellent relationships with our customers are essential to our continued success.

Dare to Dream

The maximum that can be achieved is determined by the extent to which we are prepared to dream. We are encouraged to dream for ourselves and to dream for Interactive.

We Are All Leaders

We are all responsible for demonstrating leadership. We set an example for each other by taking ownership of issues and we choose to be engaged in the team. Every problem is seen as an opportunity to be a hero.

Deliver Excellence

Our objective is to get the job done right every time and to always deliver with excellence. If something can be done better, we take responsibility for improving it. We understand that simply being ‘good’ is not enough; our intention is to be ‘great’.

 Speak Your Mind 

We value truthfulness, honesty and professionalism from each other in all matters. Solutions are proposed rather than simply being critical. We have the courage to speak with candour and to stand up for what we believe.

A clear vision, opportunity, to grow personally and advance the company, truly make a difference to customers and share in the business’ success, are all integral to the Interactive experience.

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals


Founded by engineers, technology is in our blood. We hold over 1,000,000 parts to support 300,000+ devices in 26,000 locations with the knowledge from 350 technical qualifications held by 150 Interactive engineers. Our cloud team works across 7500 VMs in 9 data centres (6 of which we own), and builds solutions using 3 public clouds and 1 highly secured private cloud. We thrive in a fast-changing technological environment through outstanding skills development, learning and certification.

Customer Facing

As the customer face of Interactive our people work with the knowledge that the very best technical talent, infrastructure, office environment, sales team, support and processes are there to ensure that we deliver for our customers, first time, every time.


With over 2,500 customers and 26,000 locations supported, our operational capabilities enable us to deliver the best response rates in the industry. As a company, Interactive provides clear objectives and allows its support staff to focus on delivery. For us, the job isn’t finished until the customer is satisfied.


What better place to learn? Interactive’s team of over 150 engineers provides a great platform for your career. Work with leading technology, vendors large and small, a wide range of customers and a multitude of different roles to determine where your passion lies. The number of people who stay on is a testament to its our Graduate Program’s success.