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Every person at Interactive brings their unique experiences, perspectives and talents to the challenge of responding to our customers’ IT needs.
We come together as a team to make a positive difference in everything we do.


We are 650 individuals with one unified goal – to keep technology human


In the last 32 years we have learned the value of having great people doing great things. We prize diversity, innovation and collaboration for impact. Our teams benefit from investments in them as people, in their communities and in our efforts to reduce our impact on the planet.

In 2020, our people voted us one of Australia’s Best Places to Work.

We are very proud of how they feel about the company they help develop every day – we strive to be an employer of choice, and who wouldn’t want to work at one of those?

At Interactive we want you to bring your +, the things that make you unique, your perspectives, experiences and passions. We value people who push the envelope, imagine things that are yet to be and have progressive outlooks.

If you have something that is unique to you, we are ready to help you apply it and celebrate successes together.

It's in our nature

We offer more than just a service; we are that friendly helping hand that is willing to help with anything. Our personal experience and touch is what makes us truly different. When it comes to finding the best solutions for our customers, we remain optimistic and calm no matter what comes our way.

Our purpose – keep technology human – allows us to focus on the human, the individual and their place in our business.

We start with our own wellbeing and that of each other and aiming to be the best we can be in all our activities. This approach has driven us for over 30 years. We believe that by putting our people at the centre of everything we do, it will drive us for many more to come!

Stay curious

If you are curious, engaged, developing, incomplete and wanting to add to your experiences, you’ll find opportunity at Interactive. We encourage our team to leverage their own unique backgrounds and talent, expand into new roles and discover alternate career paths. The world around us is changing fast and we are excited to adjust, adapt, and learn together in real time.

Our learning culture is so much more than just reading about it in a book or on a website; at Interactive you will get the opportunity to work with technology from the largest IT companies on the planet, to deliver solutions in nearly 50 different industries and extend your existing skills into new areas such as automation, cyber security, sustainability, AI and many more.

If you are curious about what is going on around you and how technology can have an even greater impact, so are we!

Be the difference

Being a team of individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences makes us unique.

We know we can bring our diverse talents to make a meaningful difference for our customers and our business. Taking our know-how and finding even more efficient and impactful outcomes drive us – both in our work and in our communities.

We are the first company of our type to sign up to RE100 committing to source our power from 100% renewable sources by 2025 (a full 5 years ahead of schedule).

Bring your experience, your personal values and the things that make you stand out and we will help you apply them for better.

Two Interactive Team Members Smiling

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals

We look beyond a technical skillset and are after people with a blend of expertise, enthusiasm and bring their unique “you-ness” to work every day.

Our cloud team works across 7500 VMs in 9 data centres. They craft solutions using leading public clouds and Australia’s largest private cloud to suit each customer’s unique needs. We hold over 1,000,000 parts to support 350,000+ devices in 33,000 locations across Australia. Our engineering team of nearly 200 people are responsible for all this. They maintain and support systems critical to our client’s business operations and sometimes, everyday life in Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to have more technical certifications than anyone else in the industry. Our Tech Team is where we started and continues to drive us forward.

Client Team

They are the faces our customers know and trust. Those in our customer facing team are key in providing the exceptional experience and service we are known for. They have a people-first mentality and are there to ensure that we deliver for our customers, first time, every time.


With a large team to mobilise, financial decisions to be made, over 2,500 customers and 1,000,000 spare parts on hand across Australia, the operations team is the backbone of Interactive. Our operations team functions seamlessly enabling us to deliver the best response rates in the industry. Supporting engineers and sales alike, the operations team play an integral part in delivering our services.


Learning is ingrained in our culture. We make navigating the IT industry easier by customising the graduate experience to benefit you. From working with leading technology to making life-long connections and gaining insights into the possibilities of information technology; you can unlock your potential at Interactive.